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Sherry Bass, OD

Distinguished Teaching Professor


Dr. Bass has been a member of the University Eye Center since 1980 and is currently a distinguished teaching professor at SUNY Optometry. Dr. Bass currently serves as residency supervisor for the Ocular Disease Service. Dr. Bass received her Doctor of Optometry degree from SUNY Optometry in 1980. She is also a consultant for the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education and has chaired a number of accreditation visits for residency programs across the United States. Dr. Bass has authored over 150 publications, including several book chapters, and has presented nearly 500 lectures at national and international meetings on diseases of the posterior segment, imaging technology and perimetry. Dr. Bass is actively involved in research in the genetics of hereditary retinal disorders and the use of imaging technology in understanding the pathophysiology of retinal disorders.


Ocular Disease


Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development

Member, American Optometric Association


OD, SUNY College of Optometry, 1980

BA, SUNY Albany, 1974



Sherman J and Bass SJ:  Malpractice: The Do’s and Don’ts of Rendering Care. In Press


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Book Reviews

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Research Grants and Activities

2010-2013: Project Investigator: Molecular Genetics of the Peripapillary Pigmentary Degenerations; Funded by SIVR

2001-2009: Co-Investigator: A New Confrontation Device for Measuring Visual Field

2000-2001: Co-Investigator: Sensitivity and Specificity of the RTA in the Assessment of Defects; Funded by SIVR

Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Glaucoma.  Project Investigator: Jerome Sherman; Funded by Talia, Inc.

1999-2005: Project Investigator: Risk Factors for the Progression of Glaucoma; Funded by the AOA Council on Research

1999: Project Investigator: Dicon vs. Humphrey Perimetry in Patients with Known Retinal Lesions; Funded by Dicon, Inc.

1998: Project Investigator: Comparison of SITA Standard, SITA Fast and Octopus TOP  in Patients with Glaucoma; Funded by Haag-Streit, Inc.

July, 1998: Attendance at the Summer Research Invitational; Funded by the AOA Council on Research, Fullerton, CA

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