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Would like to say I had a fantastic visit with Dr. Amy Steinway. Her bedside manner was some of the best i’ve experienced in medicine. Beyond having a pain free and efficient visit with Dr. Steinway, I would like to share how she went above and beyond to help me. My contact lens prescription is a unique one and was discontinued by the manufacturer to my distress. Not only did Dr. Steinway find me the closest alternative, she went above and beyond to find out why that axis had been discontinued and to my surprise & relief, found out that a new lens by the same manufacturer had just been rolled out under a different brand name! Finding this crucial piece of information out saved me the often-frustrating experience of having to figure out what the next best, but not as good, alternative was that I would have to switch to. 5 star review for Dr. Steinway!


The entire staff was fantastic, from the front desk to the examining room. The 10th floor decor is beautiful, welcoming and engaging without being over-stimulating/overwhelming. The examining rooms were equipped with fun and interesting tools and materials. The chill room was very relaxing but still just the right amount of fun. My 2yo didn’t cry at all during the entire experience and I can’t help but think it was because the people and environment were so warm and inviting. Thank you so much for everything you’re 10th FL team are doing to make eye exams and treatment less scary.

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Patient Care Survey

All your services are amazing.


The person who took care of my son in the dispensary was kind and informative.


The doctors discovered why my sons eye pressure was so high. They worked on him relentlessly all the doctors were amazing.

7th Floor – Primary Care

The student doctors that saw my son and I were outstanding. Best bedside manner I have ever seen.


Very positive, calm, and friendly staff members and eye care doctors.

7th Floor – Primary Care

My visit today was on the six and seven floor the Customer care on both floors are outstanding. From the front desk, the interns, doctors, tech, and customer Acct. Everyone is so professional and patient. This type of service will always bring clients back, and they will recommend new ones.


Gabriella was very thorough and efficient.


Tiffany, Andrew and Dr. Elise were all super friendly and very professional. The only thing I can recommend is having a coat check in the waiting area.

10th floor – Pediatrics

The 10th floor looks amazing! My kids felt comfortable right away.


Rosa Rodriguez needs to be commended. While waiting to be checked in the line grew rather long. Rosa came out apologized took our names, invited us to have a seat and then told me my next steps. The interns are super as well, I loved my intern. His bedside manner was topnotch!