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From testing and examining your vision through a thorough examination of your ocular and systemic health,  our doctors use the latest technology to treat an unparalleled range of concerns. It all starts with a comprehensive eye exam by one of our practitioners.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam looks at the overall health of the eye including the front of the eye, the back of the eye, and the optic nerve. It also assesses the function of your eyes evaluating such things as refraction, teaming, and changes you may have experienced in your vision. At the University Eye Center, our team takes the time to thoroughly go through each step ensuring a truly comprehensive evaluation of your vision and eye health to help provide an outcome that best meets your needs. You should plan for your exam to last approximately XX-XX minutes, though additional time may be required if further testing in needed.

During a comprehensive eye exam, you will be asked for or experience the following:

  • Eye and general health history
  • Refraction
  • Binocular assessment
  • Eye health evaluation
  • Glaucoma and cataract evaluation
  • Evaluation of systemic disease, including diabetes and hypertension
  • Routine and specialty contact lens services


In addition to a comprehensive exam, our doctors treat and manage a range of conditions including: