Infants & Children

Pediatric optometry uses specialized testing techniques to provide comprehensive eye examinations for infants, toddlers, children and exceptional patients who may not respond to the traditional clinical examination. One of the ten essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act starting in January 2014 is vision care for all children which includes yearly eye examinations and materials

Pediatric and Infant Eye Care Brochure

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What to Expect in a Child’s Exam

Vision helps children understand the world around them, relate to loved ones, and reach developmental milestones. Our compassionate pediatric optometrists have advanced training or extensive experience in pediatric optometry. During the exam you and your child can expect to:

  • Provide eye and general health history
  • Look through our “special windows” for a refraction to assess nearsighted or farsightedness
  • Binocular assessment checking for lazy eye, crossed eyes, depth perception, eye teaming and tracking, and focusing
  • Eye health evaluation
  • Looking at pictures and other testing devices
  • Questions about school performance, behavior, and/or screen time
  • Routine and specialty contact lens services

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