Nystagmus is a condition where the eyes move or shake without the person having control.  This condition can be either congenital or acquired after brain injury.

Common Symptoms

While some patients may have no symptoms others will experience the following:

  • Blurred vision
  • World looks like it is moving or shaking

Treatment Options

Treatment for this conditions includes surgical options, glasses, contact lenses, prism as well as vision therapy.  Vision therapy will include audio and/or visual biofeedback training to give the patient a representation of their eye movements that they can control. Additionally, low vision aids are recommended for patients with reduced vision.

Exam / Visit Expectations

The exam is a multi-disciplinary approach for patients with nystagmus and requires a sequence of visits with multiple specialists.  A comprehensive examination will be performed with a member of the vision rehabilitation team.  We will refer to our Cornea and Contact Lens service for fitting of contact lenses.  After a completion of the contact lens fitting, the patient will return to the rehabilitation service for vision therapy, biofeedback and low vision services.

Patient Resources or at home actions

Biofeedback Training for Pediatric Nystagmus improving visual functions and quality of life