Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS)

Visual  snow  syndrome  (VSS)  is  a  relatively    new    diagnosis   in   medicine.   VSS   represents   a   constellation of  visual  and  non-visual  problems,  with  the  hallmark  symptom  presence of pixilated, scintillating, visual noise, superimposed on the visual science.

Common Symptoms

  • Palinopsia or sliding of visual images
  • Light-sensitivity
  • Nyctalopia or inability to see in dim light or at night
  • Balance problems
  • Tinnitus
  • Hyperacusis
  • Photopsia
  • Migraine

Treatment Options

  1. Chromatic tints or filters often help relieve VSS symptoms
    • A formal evaluation using different chromatic filters or tints are presented to determine which would most reduce the symptoms.
    • The tints do not eliminate or cure the visual snow.<p>
  1. Eye movement therapy to reduce the smearing of images
  2. Vision therapy for additional diagnoses determined during the evaluation.

Exam / Visit Expectations

A neuro-optometric rehabilitation evaluation assessing oculomotor (eye-tracking), accommodation (eye-focusing), and binocular (eye-teaming) function will be performed. Visual snow symptoms will be reviewed.

A formal evaluation using different chromatic filters/tints/colorimeter will be performed to determine if a filter is indicated.

Note: If the symptoms are due to optic nerve damage, prognosis is poor.

Patient Resources or at home actions

Visual snow simulator